Exterior lighting setup [EN]

Hello, dear readers!

Recently we received numerous questions about lighting setup in our last project, so thought it would be nice to share it.

Click on the image to see whole gallery.   STUDIO 3D ARCHITECT

Click on the image to see whole gallery. STUDIO 3D ARCHITECT

For this particular project we used only HDRI lighting, which lead to various experiments getting sunny day contrast. We ended up with Peter Guthrie 1433 HDRI. 

Here is the setup:

As you see, nothing really special. In our workflow we use VFB+  plugin, but in this situation it wasn't used strongly. Please pay attention to inverse gamma in vray hdri settings, bacause such low values may cause different artifacts. Here are some tips which we consider most important: 

  • Hardwork. When you think it's enough and nice, you have to step over yourself and try again, try better. 

  • Reference study. It's crucial point in our situation. We had some bad attempts, but then studying real life analogues help a lot. 
  • Every scene is different and requires different aproaches. There are no universal settings. So everytime experiment, be invertor! 
  • Export files for photoshop tweaking in 16bit color mode. 
  • VFB+ makes much easer to get desired effects. 

Thats it for this time. If any questions, please write a comment below. Will try to give an answer ASAP.